[box_light]THE PROWLER YEARBOOK 2013/14[/box_light]


PROWLER 2013-14 SOLD OUT: The pre-sale and senior dedication deadline was Dec. 5, and the Prowler yearbook staff would like to thank our school community for making this year’s sale such a success. The outpouring of support was amazing, and we are proud to report that more than 600 students purchased a book this year, and more than 100 seniors purchased dedications. We are sold out for the 2013-14 Prowler.

If you would like to purchase a book for next year (2014-15), please do so at the August 2014 Open House, where the book will be offered at its most discounted price. Thanks again four your support, and enjoy the memories.


Cover 2013-14 fixed

YEARBOOK’S NEW LOOK RELEASED: The 2013-14 Prowler staff hopes you enjoy this sneak peek of this year’s cover and our theme of “One for all, all four one.” Remember, the last day to buy your yearbook is Dec. 5.






4 Autism Bracelet-Jonathan fixedAUTISM BRACELET:  The yearbook staff has decided to give back to the community this year with bracelets that benefit Autism. When someone buys a yearbook, they receive a bracelet. The blue bracelets, which represent the official color of Autism, read “All for one, one for Autism”, tying in to this year’s yearbook theme “All for one, one for all.”

For the full story by the school newspaper staff, visit:

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