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September 16, 2015

Wallace Gives Wise Words to CHAT Crew

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Written by: CHAT NEWS
3 David Wallace

This past Friday, the C.H.A.T. staff and select journalism I students were treated to a visit from ESPN Miami Heat writer Mike Wallace. This was Wallace’s fifth year appearing here at Pines Charter and he says that he always looks forward to this day as it signifies the start of his new work year. PPCHS is the first of many schools and businesses that Wallace attends and he is always impressed with how well equipped all of the students are here. After a very humorous introduction by Mr. Fagen, Wallace had the floor to give the students his presentation.

“It’s been a pleasure to listen and learn from Wallace over the past 3 years. He has given me a lot of perspective and advice on what life is like being a journalist and how to become a successful one,” said Features Editor, senior Nicholas Rivera.

Wallace started his seminar showing the students a video of Derek Redmond at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. As Redmond was rounding the last corner in the 400m race, he pulled his hamstring and immediately went down. Redmond’s father sprinted onto to the track with the intentions to help his son finish the race. Nobody was focusing on the winner of the race. All eyes were focused on the father son duo making their way towards the finish line. Mike Wallace will always remember the impact this story had on him and taught the lesson that it is not always about the score of the game or race.

“Mike Wallace’s visit was very interesting and opened my mind up to the possibilities of becoming a journalist in the future. After hearing about Wallace’s story, I have a strong inclination to minor in Journalism,” stated Clubs Editor, junior Cristine Alayon.

Wallace provided insight to the journey he had to become the successful journalist he is today. He will continue to inspire future jag journalists.

Reported by: Hayley HARTWELL and Matthew DENO

Photo by: Jonathan HARRIS


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