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November 29, 2016

US Naval Academy Makes A Unique Visit

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Written by: CHAT NEWS

On Monday, November 21st at 9 AM in U113, Pembroke Pines Charter is hosting a visit from the U.S. Naval Academy. The academy in located in Anapolis, Maryland and is home to over 4,576 midshipmen, or students. One of our very own Charter alumni, Britney Bruns, will act as the representative for the school. Daughter to Coach Bruns, she will be explaining the wonderful opportunities the Naval Academy has to offer, as well as answering any questions you may have regarding the school. Campus visits are only open to juniors and seniors.

“Since I plan on being in the military one day, this is a really great opportunity that I can’t pass up. We always get visits from typical schools, but to have a member of the Naval Academy come is super unique and awesome,” said senior Jose Hernandez.

Sabatier has asked students to note that the spaces are limited for each meeting and students can’t add themselves once the spots are filled. This is truly a rare opportunity for Jaguars who envision enlisting upon graduation, so the meeting is sure to fill up quick!

Reported By: Nadira DANTICAT and Cristina FELICIANO

Graphic by: Katie PEREZ


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