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November 19, 2015

Two Juniors and One Brilliant Idea

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Written by: CHAT NEWS
6 two juniors

Here at PPCHS, many students have the desire to stand out from the rest and do something positive for their school. However, only some will take the initiative to do so, which is exactly what juniors Sarah Duval and Elizabeth Garcia did. These two girls came up with the idea to start a peer counseling club as a way to give back to the community by counseling middle school students. Being that these two responsible young ladies have already been through the transition from middle school to high school and are now upperclassmen, they are the perfect fit to run this club. The club is still in the making which makes a few things uncertain, such as when the club will meet and how many students will be involved.  Both girls have an image in their head though of how they would like the club to play out.

“Sarah and I will be accepting applications from only juniors and seniors and we are only looking to get between 12-15 student counselors because we want to try to keep this club smaller,” said junior Elizabeth Garcia. Garcia shared that the members would have to go through a training to qualify themselves as actual peer counselors. This program is also going to include tutoring as well as teaching these young students the importance of being organized throughout their high school careers.

Junior Sarah Duval said, “I would love for this club to be a huge success and I would love to make it big this year and next year. It would make me so happy to see something [Elizabeth and I] created become an amazing project that will live on throughout the years.”

Guidance counselor Mrs. Drumm is currently the sponsor of the club. She is very content with her position as the club sponsor. She expressed that she is more than confident that Garcia and Duval will run this club efficiently. All juniors and sophomores are encouraged to join as you all will be upperclassmen next year. Not only will joining the club look good on your transcripts for college, but it will help you make that positive difference here at PPCHS.

Reported by: Amanda PERALTA and Cristina FELICIANO

Photo by: Jonathan HARRIS


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