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April 22, 2013

The time has come for poet-tees!

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5 Poet tees

Towards the end of the year, 10th graders have the opportunity to create a poet-tee with some of the best poems they wrote during the course of the year. Part of the English 2 curriculum is becoming familiar with poems and identifying specific ones. The students were directed to create a t-shirt with meaningful thought provoking poems and decorate it accordingly.

Sophomore Phoebe Mishler states “I thought it was a lot of fun to design this t-shirt. From doing this activity I found that I enjoy writing poems, it just comes naturally.”

The students had the opportunity to wear their t-shirts around school today; each shirt reveals something different about every student and reflects their personality in a creative way. As each student makes it to their English class, they will be presenting their poet-tee and talking about the design of their t-shirts.

In this photo: Students at PPCHS made poet-tees and wore them around campus throughout the day.

Reported by: Alexandra MANGANO

Photo by: Carli STANDER


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