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September 16, 2014

The Revelation of Homecoming 2014: Bond Jags Bond

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The Revelation of Homecoming 2014: Bond Jags Bond

During the announcements this past Friday, students were under the impression that their ears were about to hear the theme for Homecoming 2014. The impressions were incorrect though as for the first time in Charter history, the Homecoming theme would not be announced on the announcements. Instead, the theme would be revealed after school on the U building steps. Would the ballroom of Bonaventure be transformed into the Emerald City? Would Homecoming have a certain fear factor to it? Would mystery fill the air on the evening of October 24th? Four and a half hours separated the student body from the knowledge of this year’s Homecoming theme.

Junior Isabel Feliciano shares, “I thought the after school reveal as a fun way of getting the students ready for Homecoming. The theme is really exciting. It will make every class want to attend this year’s Homecoming.”

At two, the dismal bell rang. Students had two things to look forward to- the holiday weekend and the Homecoming theme revelation. As students departed campus Friday afternoon, the sound of drums roared throughout campus. With Drumline on the U building steps were members of SGA and three of the Majorettes. With batons swirling and drums beating, SGA member, Senior Will Sadler, began to count down the revelation of the Homecoming theme with a megaphone in hand. The countdown started at sixty seconds. As the time shortened, students began to gather around the steps of the U building. The sixty seconds quickly became zero. Sadler raised his hand and the Drumline came to a halt. Those around quickly went quiet in anticipation for what the theme would be. A large white banner was unrolled for the school to see. The theme for Homecoming 2014 is… Bond. Jags Bond. Students began to cheer and Drumline erupted back into music. This theme came as no surprise to many students. The reaction to the theme has been mostly positive from the student body.

“The Homecoming reveal was an exciting way to get the students pumped for the 2014 Homecoming dance. It was nothing short of exciting, sophisticated, and fun. Incorporating the band was a great way for the students to get an idea of the thrilling James Bond theme!” exclaimed SGA Vice President, Senior Nina Abrishami.

Tickets will be sold from September 2nd to September 12th during A and B lunch. This week is the only week to purchase a ticket for $75 to experience a night of mystery and glamour in the 007 world. Starting September 8th, tickets will be sold at the sale price of $80. Make sure to purchase your tickets during lunch before the event sells out!

Reported by: Taylor HORAN

Photo donated by: PPCHS SGA


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