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November 29, 2016

Stop the Stigma with a Pin

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Written by: CHAT NEWS

Green buttons have been popping up around campus with the sayings “Not every disability is visible” and “Know Science. No Stigma.” These buttons, being sold by HOSA, bring awareness to mental illnesses. HOSA, Health Occupations Students of America, is selling these pins throughout the month of November to bring awareness about various mental illnesses that exit, such as anxiety, depression, and autism. Place them on your backpack or wear them on your uniform to show support for stopping the negative stigma associated with mental illnesses.

HOSA is partnering with NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness, to educate the HOSA members about real diseases that can affect the minds of people young and old. “We are hoping that selling these pins will overcome the stigma and disgrace that is associated with mental health,” said HOSA historian Chonnalin Sumonthee.
According the NAMI Facebook page, NAMI is an organization “dedicated to empowering persons affected by mental illness and their family members to achieve a better quality of life by providing them with mutual support, practical information, referral, advocacy and educational resources.” All of the proceeds made will go directly towards NAMI.

Pins are being sold in Ms. Ramirez’s room, S201, for $1 each. Purchase a generic “Mental Health Awareness” pin or one with a green ribbon on it representing mental health awareness.

Reported by: Ainsley MCCORMICK

Photo by: Eric HERNANDEZ


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