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November 15, 2016

Shooting Consecutive Goals

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Written by: CHAT NEWS

This weekend the boys’ soccer season started. The boys’ Jags were able to win their first two games against South Plantation and Cooper City. In the South Plantation game goals from senior Rodrigo Souberville and freshman Ashton Cooper helped the boys win 3-2. In the Cooper City match, goals from senior LJ Lemmers and Rodrigo Souberville helped the team win another 3-2 score line.
“We played some good soccer these past two games, but we have a lot to improve on. Things are looking good for this season and the freshman have made a big impression on the team,” said senior captain Chris Sanchez.
The boys will play their first district game against Stranahan next Tuesday at 5 p.m. home in the stadium. Make sure to go out and support the team!

Reported by: LJ LEMMERS

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