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May 21, 2014

Senior’s enjoy a delicious cuisine

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2 Senior dinner update

Through all the fuss going on at PPCHS for the seniors, the Class of 2015 has brought back the annual senior dinner as a way to give back to their graduating class so they can celebrate with their friends and family one last time before graduation this Friday. The dinner will be held tomorrow in the cafeteria at seven o’clock but doors will be open at 6:30 p.m.; seniors have been waiting for this moment since it was first announced in March by junior class sponsor, Ms. Ellis.

This year eighty seniors will be participating in the dinner waiting to be recognized amongst their fellow classmates and family members for all the hard work they have put into this year. The tickets were first come first serve and the cost was $20 but if they purchased three tickets they got the fourth one free. The senior dinner will not only include delicious food and a lot of laughter, but also a touching and memorable slideshow of collective pictures that covers every stepping stone in the last four years including the seniors’ Kindergarten photos. This dinner will also include the distribution of the silver cords by beloved teacher Ms. Thomas. A silver cord is awarded to the students who have earned over 250 service hours in their high school career; they will also get to wear them at graduation.

Principal Bayer will be welcoming everyone to the dinner, and later on in the night city officials will come up and speak to everyone congratulating the seniors on their graduation and volunteer work. The Class of 2015 and Mrs. Ellis will be volunteering all through the night serving food to the seniors to ensure they have a great time.

 “The dinner will be amazing, I can already see it. I’m thankful to have gone to such a great school and make some wonderful friends. The dinner will allow me to celebrate one last time with them on campus before we all go our separate ways this fall,” said senior Vivian Carter.

The Senior Dinner is one to truly cherish and a tradition that will continue to live on for our great seniors.

Reported by: Maribel MAIGNAN

Photo by: Matthew PEREZ


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