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October 21, 2015

Roses are Red but Flowers are Better off Dead

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Written by: CHAT NEWS
3 Roses

Attention all Jag! Beginning October 12th, dead roses went on sale for $1.00 for one and $2.00 for a mini bouquet. Get in on the spooky treat during A and B lunches. They will be sold throughout next week and will be delivered in homeroom on Friday, October 30th. As a fundraiser for the sophomore class, 100% of the proceeds will go back to the Class of 2018.

Sophomore Class Treasurer Joseph Tinghitella said, “They’re terrifyingly great, and it’s a great way to send something as a joke to your friends. Many people don’t understand why we are selling dead flowers, but we’re doing it so that the people can just send it to their friends to put some laughter into their hearts in the spirit of Halloween.”

Buy a graham that will take your special someone “breathless.”

Reported by: Alexa INFANTE and Sarah BARROCAS

Photo by: Jonathan HARRIS


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