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November 22, 2016

Pulsera Project

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Written by: CHAT NEWS

Attention Jaguars!! National Spanish Honor Society has brought Pulsera Project to PPCHS. This is an initiative that aims to help the Central American youth, specifically poor Nicaraguan artists.

These poor artists hand weave beautiful bracelets and give them to the Pulsera Project to send to schools and organizations all over the world! Each bracelet costs $6 and the purpose of the project is to give back those $6 to the artist that made that bracelet. Each one has a tag with a picture of the person who made it, allowing the buyer to have an emotional connection with the artist, and knowing that they are truly changing lives. These artists use the money for education in Nicaragua.

“We are selling them until December 4th! They are selling really quickly so students should buy them as soon as possible! We only have 400 Pulseras now. We encourage students and faculty to purchase these Pulseras as well as getting family members from outside of the school to purchase bracelets through the students,” said Spanish Honor Society President Ana Colicchio.

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity by buying a bracelet from Mrs.Ferrers room during homeroom or in both A & B lunch. Every purchase will make a difference in someone else’s life, and it is important to purchase these bracelets before it is too late!

Reported By: Alexa INFANTE and Matthew HERNANDEZ

Photo by: Omar LOUTFI


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