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May 6, 2013

PPCHS Key Club helps to eliminate neonatal and maternal tetanus

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Written by: CHAT NEWS
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This week, the PPCHS Key Club will be hosting Eliminate week to raise awareness for the Eliminate Project.

The Eliminate Project has joined forces with UNICEF and Kiwanis to bring awareness to maternal and neonatal tetanus. This deadly disease cripples the lives of thousands, killing over 60,000 infants and several mothers.

To eliminate the disease, more than 100 million mothers and children must receive the immunization. The process can be extremely costly, including the cost of vaccines, safe storage, transportation and the skilled staff needed to administer the immunization. The whole process is estimated to cost $100 million and the hard work of thousands worldwide.

To support the Eliminate Project, the PPCHS Key Club will have a table at both A and B lunches to bring awareness to the project and the deadly disease that it supports. Students can buy an Eliminate bracelet for a two dollars or a butterfly cut out for one dollar during both lunches.

All proceeds will go toward the Eliminate Project and help to end the devastating disease that affects thousands every year.

In this photo: Buy a butterfly cut out or Eliminate bracelet during A or B lunch to support the Eliminate Project and put an end to maternal and neonatal tetanus.

Reported by: Melissa SULLIVAN

Photo by: Alex MONGE

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  1. Emilia Gugliuzza

    You are Awesome ! Congratulation for all Your always do for help At the Mothers and Babies aroud the word!


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