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November 22, 2016

Powder Puff Game

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Written by: CHAT NEWS

On November 30th at 5:30 p.m., Pembroke Pines Charter High School is having their annual Powder Puff game. This event is when the Girls play their own game of flag football while the Boys are being the cheerleaders on the sideline.
Senior Julian Barcelo said, “This is an event that I would definitely attend. Even though I am not playing, I am mostly making an appearance to this event especially because it is for a great cause.”
Every ticket that is purchased towards the football game will go towards a great cause, the Trenton Saunders foundation. Trenton Saunders was a PPCHS alumni who passed away, the main goal is to raise up as much money as they can to provide one scholarship for a student that is a senior.
If anybody has the chance to go they should definitely attend as it is a great time and it also switches the roles which is a nice change. Each year the Powder Puff game gets plenty of positive feedback and that is the same response that SGA hopes to have.
If anybody is interested in participating in the Powder Puff game, contact [email protected], this is Mr. Curry the SGA sponsor. [email protected] can also be contacted as well.

By: Diego SALAZAR & Christopher NAPPI

Photo Donated by: Gaby TORRES


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