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March 9, 2015

Pennies for Patients Winner is Announced

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Written by: CHAT NEWS
3 pennies

This year’s Pennies for Patients was one of the most successful in the school’s history. Over 900 dollars was raised and the money was donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. NHS would like to thank all of the homerooms for participating in this year’s fundraiser

The top donating homerooms this year are as follows:

3rd place: Ms. Mancini’s homeroom with $148.46

2nd Place: Ms. Hughes’ homeroom with $157.32

1st Place: Ms. Portalatin’s homeroom with $242.14

Ms. Porlatin’s homeroom will have an Olive Garden party very soon. The food will include breadsticks, salad, and of course pasta. “Winning this year’s Pennies for Patients is an amazing feeling,” said Ms. Portalatin.

Great job to all who have donated money for Pennies for Patients. Every penny, nickel, and dollar will make a huge difference in saving the life of those suffering from Leukemia and Lymphoma. Keep up the good work Jags!

Reported by: Evan SAMUELS

Photo by: Jonathan HARRIS


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