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January 27, 2015

New Test Coming to Charter Next Week

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Written by: CHAT NEWS
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Next week, starting on Monday February 2nd, students from grades 6 through 11 will be taking an exam that will take place of the Benchmark Assessment Test (BAT) from previous years. This exam is known commonly as the BASF. All students who are taking an EOC or FSA exam later this year, including seniors, will be taking this new test. These 45 minute exams will be taken throughout the whole week.

Test Coordinator Mr. Simon said, “It’s just a measurement. It’s not for a grade. It will just show where the student is.”

The difference between the BAT and this new test is that students will be taking their test during the class. For example, if a freshman has Algebra I second hour, the student will take the test during that class period in that class.

Subjects that have an exam are Algebra I (Regular/Honors), Algebra II (Regular/Honors), Geometry (Regular/Honors), Biology (Regular/Honors), and U.S. History (Regular/Honors). All tests will have two sessions, taken over the course of two days. Biology is the only test that has one session, so it will be taken in one day. Good luck to those students taking the test!

Reported by: Sofia GANGOTENA

Photo by: Ryan CORONA


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