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December 3, 2015

Naylor Paints a Passion for Service

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Written by: CHAT NEWS
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This year, Pembroke Pines Charter has nominated 15 spectacular seniors for the prestigious honour of a Miami Herald Silver Knight. The list of nominees includes Jessica Naylor, an art student who used her skills to start community service projects for herself and others.

“My service project for Silver Knights was establishing the first National Art Honor Society at our school. I worked alongside Mrs. Vazquez organize service projects for our members to participate in. Our first project was decorating the Teen Room in the library for the Storybook Festival, and now we’re working with the Art Club to paint live models for Winter Fantasy,” shared Naylor.

Naylor is the founder and president of our school’s chapter of the National Art Honor Society. Her passion for art has even found her enrolling in AP Studio Art this school year. Congratulations to Jessica Naylor for her Silver Knight nomination and thanks to her for her contributions to our school.

Reported by: Abby JOHNSON

Photo by: Jonathan HARRIS


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