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November 22, 2016

Lunch at the Library Book Discussion

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Written by: CHAT NEWS

Mark the date! The upcoming date for the next lunch at the library book discussion will be on Monday, November 28th! If you attend you get to discuss a fantastic book and there will be pizza as well!

The book that will be discussed on the 28th of November will be Untwine by Edwidge Danticat! This sentimental and gorgeous novel is about two close sisters that are with each other, no matter the situation. One student that likes to attend the lunch at the library book discussions stated, “I attend some of these book discussions because it is so enjoyable to talk about a book that I really enjoyed with other people. Not to mention there is also pizza as well which is a huge plus,” said senior Myles Ruiz. For the discussion you can also discuss about the author if you don’t have the book, but the best experience is definitely when you read the book.

Buying a book can be a hassle and it can be expensive too, the school has a solution for this which is checking out a book! The way you can check out a book is by going to room S225 from Ms. Oltmans on Thursday or Friday mornings, another option is going to the Library media center office.

Reported By: Diego SALAZAR

Photo by: Eric HERNANDEZ


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