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November 4, 2013

Jaguars lose in last game of season

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Written by: CHAT NEWS
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In the Jaguars’ last game of the season, the PPCHS football team came up short against the Suncoast Chargers. At the beginning of the year, expectations were high for this team, but injury after injury has set them behind. In a game that would be the last time seniors would play football for PPCHS, the Jaguars lost to the Chargers 28-7.

Damien Charles had a five yard touchdown run for the Jaguars only score of the game. The defense on the other had fell behind after letting up four touchdowns, which resulted in the 28-7 loss.

“Although the season didn’t go as planned, I still enjoyed playing for this team,” said senior wide receiver Jordan de Leon. “It’s like a family; we build a bond because we have been playing together since freshman year.”

This was the last game of the season, but underclassmen will be able to participate in spring training at the end of the school year. All seniors will be missed for their hard work and spirit!

Reported by: Jake DREILINGER

Photo by: Alex MONGE


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