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October 6, 2014

Jaguars enter a new kingdom

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Written by: CHAT NEWS

Jaguars enter a new kingdom

It’s that time of the year again when different classes go on field trips to different destinations all over the state. This year, however, the sophomore class will be taking a different trip from where they usually go. Sophomores usually go to Sea World in Orlando, but this year PPCHS has decided to change and have them go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The teacher in charge of the trip, Mrs. Hyacinth, said, “Many of the students from previous years didn’t enjoy Sea World that much so we are trying another amusement park. We chose Animal Kingdom specifically because the school trips must be educational, and there aren’t many options in Florida that meet those requirements.”

When asked about what they think about the change, sophomore Chanoan Summonthe said, “I would prefer to go to Animal Kingdom because Disney is my favorite vacation destination.  Sea World has a history of accidents and negative things happening there.”

The trip is on October 17th, and everyone is looking forward to a little change in the same routine.

Reported by: Josiah CELESTINE

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