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November 29, 2016

Jags and Jackets

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Written by: CHAT NEWS

Sophomore jaguars! You have a second chance to get your class jackets! Students can come to room S204 to place your order. Jags have to bring the attached form sent through Jupiter Grades with cash or checks made out to PPCHS.

“Our purpose is to sell more jackets in order to make more money for our prom. We tried to think of something that no other class has done. We thought the jackets were a cute idea so we decided to go with that and the cute half zipped design. The day we shipped them out and delivered them we started hearing all this talk around the school, not just our class, on how cool they were. All the other classes were complimenting us, saying they wanted their own,” said sophomore class officer Chonnalin Sumonthee.

The jacket prices are $45, and students have to place their orders no later than November 29th.

I actually really love them, especially since they are a little bit too big. But it fits nice and it’s super comfortable! I like the color and the style, it’s not too much. Now that a lot of people have seen them, they’ve realized just how much they love the design. Not only that but I think this is the only time they’re going to sell the jacket again, so you might as well take advantage of the opportunity!” said sophomore Christina Velasquez.

If you have any question please email Ms. Santiago at [email protected]

Reported By: Brittany EVELYN and Maria ACOSTA-RUBIO

Photo by: Eric HERNANDEZ


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