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October 9, 2015

Jag Cup is Quickly Approaching

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Written by: CHAT NEWS
2 Jags Cup is Quickly Approaching - Matthew Perez

Spanish Honor Society will be hosting the annual Jag Cup soccer tournament this year. It is on November 11th at 11 am in the stadium. This day is a High School Study Day. Teams must have 8 people. Registration is $3 per player. Registration is first come first serve as the maximum is 8 teams in total. The games will be 20 minutes each.

“I’m expecting big things this year with the tournament. I hope we get all 8 teams and I hope many people come to watch. I’m very excited for this tournament,” said SHS Club sponsor Ms.Ciafre.

Students who want to watch the game will have to pay $1 on the day of the tournament. Forms will soon be given out and turned in at A and B lunches and after school in Ms.Ciafre’s room. C225. Enter the tournament with your team and bring home the glory. Additional information will be out in a few weeks.

Reported by: LJ LEMMERS and David CHA-KIM

Graphic by: Matthew PEREZ


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