Welcome to the ESE Department

ESE Specialist- Dana Ostendorf                    [email protected]

ESE Support Facilitator- Annette Sandin      [email protected]

ESE Operations Manager- Deborah Martinez      [email protected]

We are here to support, guide and advocate for the PPCHS students who are eligible for Exceptional Student Education Services. We aim to foster independence, self- advocacy, life long learning skills, academic as well as personal success in each of our students.  We encourage a team approach through active communication between all parties invested (parent, teacher, ESE, student, administration, guidance)  in our students’ daily quest for personal achievement.

Teach our children resilience…

 Teach them to understand; when they fall down they can get back up.

ESE Student – Transition to College:

Articles of Interest:

Study Aids/ Tips:

Student Personal Organizational Tools:

Parent Education Workshops for ESE

PPCHS  Free Tutoring Opportunities:


Applying for accommodations- SAT/ACT Testing:


  1. Contact ESE Specialist for SSD#
  2. Register for test online at www.Collegeboard.com
  3. Input SSD# in online application


  1. Register for test online at www.ACT.org
  2. Bring registration confirmation to ESE specialist
  3. ESE Specialist will complete pg. 2  of application
  4. Form will be sent home for parent to complete Pg.1 of application
  5. Parent will mail application in to ACT
  6. Decision typically in 7 weeks from receipt of application.