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May 20, 2016

ESE End of Year Party

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Written by: CHAT NEWS
1 ESE end of year party

PPCHS is a school like no other, pines charter takes into account, bullying, plus the ability for all students to strive for greatness, and this is what was shown in the Exceptional Student Education end of year party on May, 17th, located in the Southwest Regional Library. ESE specialist Dana Ostendorf opened up this party with some words of wisdom, commemorating how much progress was made by all of the students, some students even came up to the podium and gave memorable speeches on how to never give up as well.

“Keep your head up, and always try your best”, this short and simple statement was said by senior graduate, Monica Kohli.

This just goes to show, the determination and hope for the students in ESE to always try their best and to succeed. After students gave their speeches it was time to eat! Students were treated with pizza, drinks, and cake to celebrate their wonderful achievements made this year. The food was given and now it was time for the students to kick back and relax. ESE support facilitators, Briana Masiello and Marisa Hazelton, made the students feel right at home, with their TLC, tender love and care.

After the event was over, it was time for the students to say goodbye. They were all congratulated of their outstanding progress made this year, and next year PPCHS will be focusing again on these students so that can strive.

Reported by: Diego SALAZAR

Graphic by: Katie PEREZ


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