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April 21, 2016

Drama’s Production of HSM Brings Out the Wildcats

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Written by: CHAT NEWS
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Last Weekend, some of our Charter Jaguars took one final bow at the stage and blew away minds with their fantastic performance of “High School Musical.” On April 14th, our drama program kicked off their opening night with a blast, causing the audience to cry tears of joy, laughter and heartache as they retold the story close to our hearts.

“It was amazing! I wasn’t even expecting myself to get so emotional, but Matias and Nicole did such a great job as Gabriela and Troy that I did shed a tear here and there. But holding hands with my friends during High School Musical was essential. There was so much suspense!” exclaimed freshman Tatiana Rivera.

Tickets for both shows of High School Musical, both on Thursday, April 14th and Friday April 15th were sold out! Parents as well as students alike showed their love for Charter’s drama production, highlighting special perks of this year such as Zachary Poore, the only freshman in the show, the fundraiser to help Yachay Wasi, and of course the annual senior send-off.

“It was sort of bittersweet to stay after the show and see all of the seniors being recognized for their own achievements. I got to see not only some of my close friends but as well as the seniors I just met. It was a special moment for them as it was for Mrs.Kidd. Senior Send-off was just so full of love and humbleness, it was truly magical to watch,” said junior Paulyanna Severe.

High School Musical is yet another addition to a spectacular show made by Charter’s drama program and hard-working, dedicated students who truly made this show bop to the top. And to our seniors who are moving on to Experience College and universities remember, once a wildcat, always a wildcat.

Reported by: Maria ACOSTA-RUBIO

Photo by: Jonathan HARRIS


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