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December 9, 2015

‘Cruz’ing to a Better Tomorrow

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Written by: CHAT NEWS
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Charter’s Silver Knight nomination this year to represent the sports category is senior Nicole Cruz. Not only has playing volleyball been and implemental factor all her life but her Silver Night project and volunteer work relates to sports activities. Cruz’s Silver Night project involved raising money for a baseball camp in the small town of Duran, Ecuador. Kids in this city spend their days playing baseball as their parents go to work towards the rivers and farms. Funded by the Los Angeles Dodgers, the baseball program however had difficulty finding baseball equipment because the sport isn’t nationally recognized in Ecuador. Cruz first started off my sending her brother’s baseball team’s used baseball gear. Eventually she was able to host an event with Spanish honors society, “Jag Cup”, to help raise money for new baseball uniforms.

Being a Silver Knight nominee takes a lot of sacrifice, dedication, and hard work. It involves not only excelling academically but also finding the time to give back to the community. Students who participate in the program make a lot of connections with other influential individuals through their project that they work so passionately for.

Cruz said, “Being a Silver Knight means that I was true in my volunteer work. I showed pure dedication and passion, without any expectations of an accolade. That is because I do this work just because I want to feel like I’m making a difference in the world, and I think that’s why everyone should try and give back to the community in their own way according to their own passions. “

Good luck to Nicole Cruz and all the other Jaguar nominees competing to achieve their categories’ silver night award!

Reported by: Sarah BARROCAS

Photo by: Jonathan HARRIS


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