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May 21, 2014

Congrats to the Silver Knights!

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Written by: CHAT NEWS
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3 silver knights

The Silver Knight award is an incredible accomplishment that any student would be honored to achieve. The requirements to be nominated are: a 3.2 unweighted GPA, over 250 hours, and a well put together portfolio. The application process is a long one with over 12 pages to the application, a required portfolio of all of the student’s accomplishments, and an interview. Once all of the hard work is done, all the student can do is count down the days to the glorious award ceremony. The annual Silver Knight Awards took place last night and was held at the James L Center at 7 p.m. The auditorium was buzzing with anticipation with over 300 students sitting in the crowd. The students were a mix of Broward County and Miami Dade.

With 12 nominations for PPCHS, the expectations were high. However, out of the 12 only 3 walked away with the honorable mentions. The winners from our school included:

Victoria Alvarez (’14) for Journalism

Tatiana Bustamente (’14) for Drama

Francesca Levy (’14) for Art

“Winning the Silver Knight award is great because it carries with you throughout your life. I’m incredibly honored to be a Silver Knight honorable mention and I’m proud of everybody. We all went through so much to get to where we are now,” Silver Knight honorable mention Victoria Alvarez (’14) shared.

All of the honorable mentions were awarded a plaque, $500 and an honor to last a lifetime. The Silver Knight winners were awarded a statuette, a medallion, $2,000 and two round-trip tickets from American Airlines. The winners were able to achieve these things through the help of parents, siblings, and counselors, but one teacher really stood out in helping them move toward their goal.

“I’m very thankful for Ms. Cabeza and all that she’s done for me. She did everything she could for [the Silver Knight nominees],” Alvarez gushed.

Ms. Cabeza helped out with the application process by advising the nominees to speak to past Silver Knight winners and nominees and in making the portfolio she made sure to go the extra mile to make them impeccable. All of the portfolios from the 12 nominees were accepted, while other portfolios often got denied due to lack of information.

“In making the portfolios, I made sure they were able to tell each student’s story. We put together everything they’ve done in the past three years: hours, certificates, awards, letters, pictures, and put them all together to create something beautiful. The portfolio had to be effective because with that you’re telling a story through paper to a person who doesn’t know you,” English teacher Ms. Cabeza said.

Reported by: Aaliyah PASOLS

Photo donated by: Myrna ALVAREZ


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