Dual Enrollment

[box_light]Dual Enrollment/Early Admissions program[/box_light]

The Dual Enrollment/Early Admissions program through Broward College is a great way for students to earn college credits while in high school. Students can begin this program as early as the Summer after 10th grade.

Click here to download the Dual Enrollment Information Packet

Click here for approved dual enrollment courses

Dual Enrollment registration for the Winter Semester of 2013 begins at Broward College on TBA.  Registration for the 2012 Fall Term has already begun.  Registration forms are available in the Guidance Office with Mr. Gonzalez.

Dual Enrollment and Early Admisssions for the Winter 2013

Registration begins in October

Classes begin the week of January 7, 2013

Starting with the Fall semester, the State will provide textbooks for all approved dual enrollment courses FOR ACADEMIC CORE COURSES ONLY - this includes, Math, Science, Social Studies, English, and Foreign Language. Students are responsible for purchasing the textbooks for elective courses such as computers, world religions, art, music, theatre, ethics, philosophy, speech.

All Textbooks that PPCHS has purchased for the students MUST be returned to the PPCHS guidance office at the end of each semester. If a textbook is not returned, the student will be issued an obligation and must pay the full price of the textbook.

Click below to view the textbooks lists for classes at the Pines Campus:

Click here to visit the Pines Center Book Store


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