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October 22, 2013

Charter goes all around the world

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Written by: CHAT NEWS
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3 spirit week- rebecca

Today’s spirit week theme is “Around the World Day”. Students crowd the hallways, all of them wearing a mix of colors and designs to represent their heritage. Some students are dressed in red white and blue, while others are wearing jerseys from their country’s football team. Either way, almost every student is participating in this day of diversity.

Sophomore Saman Govaria is on the spirit week committee for Student Government. “We decided on Around the World Day as a spirit week theme because we know how much diversity there is in our school, and we found this to be an amazing opportunity to showcase that,” says Govaria.

Spirit week will continue tomorrow with the theme Charter Network. Students are encouraged to wear outfits representing their favorite cartoon characters while still abiding by the Broward County Schools dress code.

Reported by: Lauren RAMIREZ

Photo by: Rebecca GONZALEZ


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