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January 16, 2014

Autism Walk: Walk for a cause

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On January 23rd, the much anticipated Autism Walk will take place on the track and field during SSR. Ticket sales will come to a halt after tomorrow. Get your tickets now! Tickets for the event are sold during A and B lunches for only $2 and can also be purchased in room C110 in the ESE department. The exciting event will feature a DJ and food for all.

“I’m so excited, I expect an amazing turnout. My goal is 1,000 students all for a great cause,” said ESE specialist Mrs. Ostendorf.

The Autism walk is beneficial to inform others about Autism and to support Autism research. All funds will go to the Dan Marino foundation (DMF). For over 20 years now, the DMF has served people with disabilities in South Florida and has raised more than $45 million to create unique and impacting initiatives in the community. The Foundation’s mission is “empowering individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities through therapies, research, education, and employment in pursuit of a greater quality of life.” Join our school for a wonderful cause and buy your ticket now!

Reported by: Andrea BELLORIN

Photo by: Peter DOURVETAKIS


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