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December 9, 2015

A Dunk for the Ability Experience

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Written by: CHAT NEWS
4 a dunk

This past Monday, SGA hosted the 1st annual December Dunk basketball tournament. A total of eight teams played with randomized brackets and a single-elimination format. For the quarter- and semi-final matchups, half court games were played with the games ending after one team reached 11 points or after 10 minutes. In the final, the game was played on the full court with a 7 minute time limit. The two teams that reached the final were the heavily favored Los Actavis Leaners led by senior point guard for the varsity basketball team Matthew Johnson, and the underdog Toon Squad. The game was a thrilling, back-and-forth contest that was tied 4-4 with less than 30 seconds to go. Then, with about 20 seconds left, senior Oscar Pons hit the game-winning 2-pointer to seal the victory for the Leaners.

“This event was a major success for the school and is definitely one that we will continue to do annually. I would like to applaud Los Actavis Leaners for winning the tournament and am very excited for more December Dunk contests in the coming years,” said junior and MC of the event, Emilio Montanez.

All of the proceeds of this event went to the funding of “The Ability Experience”, which is PPCHS alumni Andre Batista’s charity event that he is participating in through his fraternity. Congratulations to all participants in the tournament and members of SGA for a wonderful afternoon on Monday!

Reported by: Matthew DENO & Hayley HARTWELL


Photo By: Jonathan HARRIS



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