PPCHS March Madness Tournament postponed

Today after school, the Class of 2015 was supposed to hold the second annual March Madness tournament, but due to a lack of teams the event was postponed. The new date for the tournament is yet to be decided, but it will be sometime in April.

The March Madness tournament is a three-on-three basketball tournament held in the gym. Four teams play at one time, two on each side of the court. Whichever team wins will move on in the tournament. Eventually, there will be two teams left who will face off in the championship for a Chipotle gift card.

“We are looking to have a tournament of sixteen teams, but so far we do not have a lot of teams,” said junior class sponsor Mrs. Ellis. “We have to do better with our promotion.”

Last year’s March Madness Tournament went really well. There were so many people who wanted to enter the tournament that Mrs. Ellis had to deny teams entry in the tournament.

“We want to ride off of last year’s success for this year’s tournament,” said Mrs. Ellis. “We do not really want to do anything differently this year. If anything, we could probably get more food to sell.”

Reported by: Jake DREILINGER

Photo by: Alex MONGE

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