NHS inductees are ready to lead the school

Last night, the River of Grass Auditorium was filled with sophomore and junior Jaguars dressed in their most formal attire. Their parents sat behind them with smiles on their faces. It was an honor to be selected for one of the most prestigious clubs in the school: National Honor Society (NHS). The annual induction ceremony recognized the inductees for their four qualities that got them into the exclusive club: scholarship, leadership, service and character. NHS President Melissa Gianello (’14) started off the ceremony by welcoming and congratulating everyone who had been accepted. She then handed off the microphone to Principal Bayer, who shared words of congratulations and gratitude for his successful students. He expressed his idea that it is not the facilities that make our school great, but the students inside the walls. After Principal Bayer spoke, Assistant Mayor Angelo Castillo took the stand. He started off by taking a photo for Facebook to announce that it was his tenth year attending a NHS induction. The officers then spoke about the four traits that a NHS student has, and it was time for the students to be recognized.

One by one, they were called up to the stage to receive a certificate and shake hands with the officers, Mrs. Rudd ­­the NHS sponsor, Principal Bayer and Assistant Mayor Angelo Castillo. Sixty Nine students were called up to the stage, all with a smile on their face. The parents clapped for their children, and once everyone went up, Mrs. Rudd said some closing words. She spoke of what an honor it was to have everyone there and thanked everyone for coming. She has been the sponsor for a few months, and is excited to have another group of students to work with this year. The ceremony ended with a group photo of all of the inductees and cake, cookies and drinks were provided to the students and families.

“I am so honored to be selected for NHS. It means a lot to me because I work hard to be a leader in the school and to stay well-rounded by playing sports and getting strong grades. I am excited to see what opportunities being in this club will bring,” said NHS inductee sophomore Andrea Carmona.

Reported by: Alexys NOWAK

Photo by: Peter DOURVETAKIS

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