Do you have what it takes to be in Journalism or SGA?

As third quarter comes to a close, the infamous course cards will be distributed to students and new classes will be selected. After coming back from a much anticipated Spring Break, Jags will have the opportunity to choose their classes and select their electives. However, some classes require more than just a signature on the course card.

One of the more popular electives, the Leadership Class (SGA), will be accepting applications for prospecting members. The class focuses on giving leadership opportunities to its members, and helping them to become involved in school events and programs. It’s definitely a class that will impress colleges, so the long application process is worth it. With the requirements becoming narrower, this year the application consists of two letters of recommendation, an interview process, and a rigorous application. Students can pick up their forms from, leadership teacher, Mr. Velasquez’s room (M130) today, so don’t miss out on an amazing experience!

“For three years I considered signing up for SGA but this year I think I may actually apply. I really want to be involved in some type of leadership role. I have always been interested in helping the school with pep rally, and conducting spirit week, so the class is a good opportunity,” junior Johmi Vargas stated.

For some that may be interested in photography, graphic design or journalism, the CHAT Newspaper class or the Digital Publishing class are perfect fits for these creative Jags. Both classes offer a newsroom-like atmosphere and come together to produce the CHAT Newspaper. While getting a taste of a reporter’s daily job, the journalists have the opportunity to write daily articles for the school website and articles/stories for the CHAT Newspaper.

While the newspaper class handles the content, the Digital Publishing class is in charge of layout. The class is divided into four sections: layout, graphics, photography and video, each division having their own staff. Not only does this class come up with creative layout for the newspaper, but they also create graphics, and take all of the photos published both on the high school website and on the newspaper. Along with working on the newspaper and the website, class includes a video team. The CHAT Video News crew provides the school with videos, encompassing from funny commercials urging students to study, to exciting video recaps of PPCHS’ main events.

“Most of the students in the Digital class have been in the program since their sophomore year, some even from their freshman year. It’s a very popular but exclusive class as it seems that once students make the decision to take the class, they never want to leave,” says Mr. Simon, the Digital Publishing class advisor.

The application process for both the Newspaper class and the Digital Publishing is nearly the same. An application form is required to be filled out and it asks basic questions about the student’s experience and qualities. In addition to the application, students have to meet certain requirements as well as pass an interview process. Pick up an application form in Mr. Simon’s room (C113) for Digital or Mr. Fagen’s room (C117) for Newspaper.

Similar to the Digital Publishing class, the Yearbook class is also opening up spots for prospecting members that will create a memorable book based on High school memories. Students in the class learn copy, photography, and layout. Most students in the Yearbook and Newspaper classes come from Journalism I, taught by Mr. Fagen. Spaces in the Digital, Newspaper, and Yearbook are very limited, fewer than 10 spots open each year.

“We definitely want students who are go-getters with the ability to hit the ground running. They have to really have their pulse on the student bodies because we want people to cover stories that give an inside look into the lives of our students-their triumphs- as well as their struggles,” Mr. Fagen enthusiastically said.

Reported by: Aaliyah PASOLS and Shakayla LEE

Photo by: Juan TELLEZ

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