Interviews prepare students for Knighthood

Tomorrow morning, twelve of PPCHS’ Silver Knights will be heading to the Signature Grand to be interviewed for the prestigious Silver Knight Award hosted by the Miami Herald. Nominees from each category: Drama, Journalism, Vocational, Technical, General, Music and Dance, Athletics, Science, Art, World Languages, English, Business, New Media- will be interviewed by previous Silver Knight nominees that specialize in that category for the chance of a lifetime.

Not only is there a big winner, students also have the opportunity for an ‘Honorable Mention.’ All of our Charter seniors will bring their portfolios as per the request of Silver Knight sponsor, Mrs. Cabeza to be as prepared as possible for the interview.

“I’m excited because it just feels like another audition. I go in there, there are judges and I talk to them. Its performance day, essentially, which is exciting,” said senior Silver Knight Drama nominee, Tatiana Bustamante.

Reported by: Chelsi CHANG

Photo by: Alex MONGE

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