Class of 2014 candle fundraiser

Class of 2014 is in the midst of a fundraiser to raise money for their class, and possibly pay for all their expenses during their senior year. Going on now until Friday, February 22nd, juniors will be selling Yankee Candles out of the Yankee Candle Fundraising 2013 spring and summer edition magazine. Depending on how much money participating juniors raise in selling the candles, certain senior activities will be available for a lower cost.

Money raised goes toward the class of 2014 events and activities. “Our goal is to raise $5,000 for the sale,” says sponsor Ms. Diaz. For anyone interested in the Yankee candle products or in helping support the class of 2014 see Ms. Diaz or lookout for juniors who are selling Yankee products.

The incentives that go with certain amounts raised are:

$200 – Senior Jersey

$400 –Senior Jersey $40 Deposit towards Grad Bash

$600 – Senior Jersey and full 1st deposit toward Grad Bash

$800 – Senior Jersey and $120 towards Grad Bash

$1000 – Senior Jersey and Grad Bash

$1500 – Senior Jersey, Grad Bash, and one Prom ticket

$2000 – Senior Jersey, Grad Bash, and two Prom tickets

Reported by: Cassidy-Rae BRANTLEY

Photo by: Carli STANDER

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