Student Volunteering

The School Board of Broward County, Florida has incorporated Service Learning and volunteer service into the high school graduation requirements. Service Learning is defined as an educational method by which participants learn and develop through active participation in service that is conducted in and meets the needs of a community.

Any student who wishes to earn: a standard diploma must meet the graduation requirement of forty (40) documented hours in the Student Volunteer Service Program.  Students may also work toward the 75/100 hours to meet State of Florida Bright Futures Requirements (Tier II), and/or 250 hours to earn the Silver Cord distinction at graduation (Tier III). 


Approval Form for Student VOLUNTEER HoursStudent Volunteering Log for VOLUNTEER HOURS
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For the PAID WORK HOURS form and info please Click Below:
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House Bill 461 was signed to expand eligibility requirements for the Bright Futures Scholarship Program to include paid work experience as a substitute for service hours but ONLY in order to meet the Bright Futures Scholarship community service requirement. 

Here are some things to consider when applying HB461 to your graduation/college plans:
  • Work hours can ONLY be used toward the Bright Futures requirement.
  • Work hours CANNOT be used for the 40 hour graduation requirement; this requirement must still be met by the student volunteer hours.
  • Work hours CANNOT be used toward Silver Cord.
  • Whether you are going for the 75% or 100% Bright Future scholarship, the total number of work hours required is the same: 100 hours.
  • Only work hours earned beginning July 1, 2022 will be accepted.
  • Any work hour documentation submitted after graduation, even if earned prior to graduation, cannot be accepted.
  • There is a specific form to document work hours. Click on the Image on the left for the form and a page dedicated to HB461-PAID HOURS for Bright Futures ONLY.

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